Raising Your Vibrations

In their  bestselling book, ‘Ask and It Is Given’, by Esther and Jerry Hicks, the authors mention how ones’ thoughts can affect their destiny.  This is one idea I really resonate with. If I remain aware of my feelings, I am more able able to sense when I need to lift my mood.  Whenever I find myself becoming discouraged or depressed, it’s helpful to shift my attention to a mindset, which can elevate my mood as soon as possible.

Some of the things, I use, do this are: music, nature, even a happy memory. In fact, I keep a group of memories, which I call on (whenever I want any time I want to raise my vibrations. One of my favorite memories consists of myself as a 12 year old, being on a Florida beach with my aunt and sister and eating peach ice cream.

Anything that helps  shift your attention and  raise your emotional state to a more positive one will work. It is also important to be gentle with yourself; if you feel really bad, sometimes the only thing you can do is feel less bad. In other words be satisfied with the attainable.  I also find it helpful, to focus on my spirituality, using things such as meditation and, prayer

When I pay attention to my feelings directing my thoughts to things I feel positive about, when necessary, I have a great tool for bringing harmony back into my life.


Connection should be easier–shouldn’t it?

As I walked home early one evening  last week,  I noticed a tendency I have  to avoid  eye contact with others  .

Seeing the need to investigate this further (in hopes of rectifying  things) I decided to try an experiment. During one of my recent walks,  I  allowed  myself to connect on some level with every person I encountered (be it through a smile, a greeting, or some other form of recognition).  I made a conscious  effort to acknowledge everyone  I met. I opened my heart, allowing it  to connect with theirs. and you know something? The results were miraculous!  I noticed,  almost immediately, that my efforts, were met with an equally positive  response  from every one I met. This interaction melted my heart, and made my spirit soar. ‘Ah’,  I told myself, ‘THIS is what life is all about!’.

Allowing myself to open up to others (without letting  fear  hold me back), is something I  aspire to attain more consistently. I will make an effort  to trust my intuition, go with my feelings, rather than allowing my ego to control so much of my behavior. I will choose heart over head-at least in this case).

I’ll persevere,  doing this.  keep on, keeping on-even when this process seems challenging. You know the saying ‘two steps forward, one step back’.

The I Ching (or Oracle of Change). States that an obstacle lasts only as long as necessary. Change the word ‘Obstacle’, and there is an opportunity for. growth.

I find this to be a great opportunity to replace ego with faith.  Knowing (as I like to say) ‘If I jump, the net will always be there’. I welcome this opportunity to grow. No one ever said change is easy, but it is so worth it.


Listening. I don’t always listen. Sometimes I ignore the message or insight Spirit is urgently trying to give me. I don’t know what in my ego causes me to think I know better than God, but clearly there is a part of me which does this. It is almost like I get lazy. For instance, I know I need to meditate more. I can see a difference when I do. My connection to Spirit is so much clearer, and the results are obvious .I am happier, more intuitive, energetic, positive (the list goes on and on…)

I think you get the idea. the thing is, although I know meditation works, I don’t always do it, even  when the opportunity comes. I recognize -on some level- the absurdity of the whole thing. Here I have the perfect (or so it would seem) method for really making positive change in my life, and I don’t do it as much as I think I should. I want that extra half hour of morning sleep (even though I am probably lying in bed during this time thinking I should be up meditating). I guess the question I am asking about here is the reason I would reject doing something which would be so beneficial.

I guess it is because I am still a work in progress. It has been said †hat ‘prefect’ means ‘finished’ I can’t t´ll you whern I originally heard this, but it seemed to b the perfect excuse for  procrastination). (‘I’m not perfect so it must be ok if I  don’t do something (even if I know doing it would benefit me).

Anyway I guess all of this boils down to making the changes I need in order to progress, in the way I feel necessary. Knowing what I need to do, dosn’t necessarily mean I always will. I think recognition of the need to change (and acceptance of this condition) is the first step. towards doing it.

Jump-The net will be there.

I  wrote this post in February of 2009

I have always been torn between working in Metaphysics or choosing the Corporate World. Part of me believes I need a 40 hour a week office job, with a regular paycheck, benefits and vacations. The other part (my soul urge part) believes that I can follow the Metaphysical path (through teaching and doing readings) and will receive the clients, business, connections I need. In the past, I have always opted for the corporate (even though I felt unfulfilled and depressed). Granted, I was grateful for a regular job, however, a part of me felt I was selling out because I didn’t feel the Universe would supply. Last week I made a choice. Offered an opportunity for a ‘regular’ job, I decided to throw caution to the winds, and act on faith. I decided to be courageous. I choses the Metaphysical. Courage is when you feel the fear and do it anyway. If you jump, the net will be there.

I wrote this post in May of 2012. Shortly after writing this post, I started a a Metaphysical Meetups group. I invited different experts in  of Metaphysics to come and share their expertise. The first meeting had 23 members. . I find this group is serving a much needed purpose of introducing individuals to  ideas they might otherwise never have found.  (with all credit do the many fine speakers who offer their services at no charge. Today the ‘Introduction to Metaphysics’ Meetup has 682 members, and we are still growing, if I had let my fear keep me from creating the group, it never would have happened. : My favorite definition of courage: When you feel the fear and do it anyway. In this case I jumped and hit the floor running. The net was there. 


A Fine Line

I find myself walking a fine line between letting go and pushing. Surely I find the need to ‘lighten up’ more-to let go of my tendency to try to control things. There is another part, however, that recognizes the need to lighten up, knowing that if I jump, the net will be there. From my experience, I have found that the less effort, the moe clear the way is.

Perhaps this is due to my listening more (thanks fo meditation), being receptive. Noticing the signs I receive, the answers revealed.

I truly do have everything I need…and more. Gratitude permeates every fiber of my being. I am truly blessed.

Messages Received

A Much Welcome Message

On writing a tribute to my sister, Meredith, (after her passing last February), I found a wonderful saying:by Stephen Williams:
“Come to the edge,” he said.
They said, “We are afraid.”
“Come to the edge,” he said.
They came.
He pushed them…
They Flew

I am now in the process of finishing a book she started while she was still living. While writing this, and transferring her documents, I found a wonderful saying by Guillaume Apollinaire:
“Come to the edge,” he said.
They said, “We are afraid.”
“Come to the edge,” he said.
They came.
He pushed them…
They Flew
It was the exact same quote, different authors, but otherwise identical.
To me, this quote speaks of both courage, and the knowledge that if you jump the net will be there. This reminder yesterday arrived at a much needed time. Thank you Meredith. Message received Loud and Clear.
I love you……