Freedom Is…




So What?

Moment of Awareness: The Words ‘so what?!’ totally pushed out the insignificant energy draining thought I was having. I was immediately filled with a sense of peace, comfort and gratitude for this message.


This is my Annual Assessment list

This is my yearly New Years List of of three things I accomplished in 2012
and three things I intend to manifest in 2013
In 2012 I:
1. I became more aware that ever that physical death does not mean the end of a relationship-it continues it is just different.
2. Saw my Introduction to Metaphysics meetup group grow even more (940 members & still growing)
3. Aired my first blog radio show with the help of my producer Paul Verschueren.

In 2013 I Intend to:
1. Travel anywhere and everywhere and optimize this opportunity.
2. Find a sustainable community with my soul group.
3. Have my classes, groups, and radio show grow and inspire and assist others on their journey (and me too)

What does your list look like?

Manifestation: The Art of Conscious Creation

About three weeks ago, I was walking to work when I passed a discarded near my back door. Lying on top of the dresser was what originally appeared to be a piece of black fabric. I almost walked on, but something urged me to go back and look again. I am glad I did; the black fabric turned out to be a beautiful black cardigan, in my size, with the tags still on it. Putting the sweater on, I noticed it matched the blouse I was wearing. . My life has been like that for a long time.  Ask and it is given (as Abraham-Hicks likes to say).

Several years ago, I was introduced to a 30 day manifestation program ‘Change Your Life in 30 Days’ by Abraham-Hicks. I liked the program and got such fantastic results, I’ve been doing this program on and off for several years. I am now doing it again.

During the periods of taking the course, many miracles have occurred in my life.  All I know is that I have been the recipient of some pretty wonderful things.

When I first began the program, I noticed an underlying message: Find something to feel good about. Doing this, allows you to remain in a mode of gratitude and acceptance. When this happens, you have created ideal conditions for manifestation to happen. You see, the secret or trick to manifestation is to feel it. When you do this, you create a feeling of joyous expectation, resulting in allowing.  You remove obstacles in your attitude & open up, creating an environment, which allows.

One big change, which happened during through this process, has been a shift in my consciousness.. You see, when I allow myself to get out of the way in terms of how I expect things to manifest, I create the room for things to happen…and happen, they do.

I don’t know when the first book on Manifestation first came out, but I think the ideas around this concept are pretty much the same, across the board. Thought combined with intent and energy equals manifestation (both positive and negative).  You see, when you focus on a desire or a fear, energy is still being directed to it. Regardless of whether it is something you want or not. That is why it is essential to keep your attention and energy directed toward the first one.

The main idea behind all this is to simply find something to feel good about, and focus on the feeling that creates, that allows your vibration to lift, for when this happens, you are like a magnet, drawing in things, which are compatible with the energy. The reason the 30-day manifestation plan works so well is that you are consistently directing your attention towards maintaining a positive flow of energy and state of mind.

Any habit generally takes about three weeks to develop, so by doing this program for 30 days, you have easily developed a way of thinking and being which – if continued- has potential to change your life.

However, the secret (if there is one) seems to be to find the tools and techniques, which allow the more positive energy to last longer than the negative. Meditation is one way of doing this, so is music, art, anything that makes you feel good. Hence raising your vibration (like attracts like). Another way of viewing this is: manifestation is energy, combined with focused intent and propelled through action.  

Allow, or trust that the laws of the Universe will bring things into the perfect alignment.. And you be one who is at the right place at the right time and you will be when you are looking for reasons to feel good.

Concentrate on how the goals and objectives you want to attain will make you feel Doing this will give you the energy and mindset, which allows you to let the action necessary for manifestation to occur. So here are some basic aspects of manifestation:

Resistance is not going with the flow of your own well-being.  You have to practice by being in the flow your vibration in order to go with the flow of well-being. You begin practicing your vibration so that ‘you’ can determine how you vibrate, how you flow, how you attract. You practice doing this daily, and you develop the ability to determine how you vibrate, how you flow, how you attract. You do this by practicing the thought you want to be dominant and make it any… It is all attitude and energy

The Universe doesn’t care if the way you are offering your vibration is because of what you are living or because of what you are imagining. In either case, the Universe matches it.


‘Yrrow’ is ‘Worry’ backwards

‘Worry’ is a senseless word. It has no redeeming qualities. Someone recently said that ‘Worrying is like praying for things you don’t want’.

I first learned about worry when I was a young girl of about eight, I walked by the bathroom of the small Michingan home I shared  with my family,  where my mother, fully clothed, sat on the side of the bathtub: slouched over, face in her hands, looking down at the floor with a strange expression on her face. ‘Mom’, I asked, ‘what are you doing?’. ‘I’m worrying’, she responded. ‘Oh’, I thought, that’s pretty cool-I think I’ll s†art worrying’. And I’ve been worrying ever since.

At least, I did until recently, when I realized this habit wasn’t serving anyone, especially me. I knew that if I wanted to stop doing this, I would have to find a substitution; One which has worked for me is using affirmations.  Merriam Webster online dictonary defines affirmation as ‘ a positive statement or judgment’.

When I find myself worrying, I then immediately stop and see if there is something I can do at that moment to fix it. If so, the next step is to do whatever I need in order to make that happen. If I can’t however, then I take a deep breath, think of a positive thought or affirmation to replace the worry  with and go for it. I like to have a list of about three or four affirmations on hand so that I can always use the one which seems most beneficial at the time.

One of my favorite affirmations from Gay Hendrick’s book ‘The Big Leap is: Everyday I expand in Abundance, Success and Love, and as I do, I inspire those around me to do the same thing’. Amazing what a difference just shifting my thought train can make! Doing this  raises my mindset, increases my vibration and gets me in a happy productive place.

Now, repeating affirmations to remove worry,  doesn’t always work, however, my experience is that the more often I do it the easier it becomes. Going to a positive affirmation or thought, when I am in a negative mindset, helps me raise my vibration, creativity and gratitude. It is a quick fix for feeling better. I recommend it strongly.

There are many other techniques for lifting oneself out of depression and worry  which are also effective, however for me affirmations are one of the most effective and quickest ways to do this.

About Grief.

‘The hard part about losing a loved one’, someone once said, ‘is that they’re always gone.’ I knew what they meant. When my sister died last February, I knew I would miss her. I just had no idea how much.

Grief has an uncanny tendency to rear its head when you least expect it.
After she passed away, I decided to commemorate her life by giving a talk about her in church. During the service, I was blessed enough to have a couple congregation members sing ‘Angel’ by Sarah Mclachlan. Whenever I hear this song, I am filled with a sense of sadness.

This feeling carries over to other incidents. I’ll suddenly remember a joke the two of us shared. Or I’ll be looking through some of my things, and find an old picture of the two of us.  And, although I am thankful for the time we spent together, it is hard for me  to accept that I won’t see her in this life, again.

RIP Meredith, your soul soars high, your memory strong, your spirit limitless. I am blessed for having known you.

An Inspirational Quote

I read this on Facebook yesterday. Because I was inspired, I posted it.

Here is the Quote:

‘Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy!’ 13 people who read this were inspired or moved enough to either ‘like’ the statement, or make a positive comment about it.  The large response this posting received, is made me think about how difficult and challenging it can be to leave something which in some way inhibits your growth, even though you’re   aware that  it could  be hurting you or holding you back.

For 9 years I remained in a  co dependent relationship, even though I knew it wasn’t me,   because I thought I wouldn’t survive without this person (even though we had broken up 9 times-  which, was probably some kind of clue I chose to ignore.)

Leaving or giving something up for your best and highest good  can sometimes be challenging.  At any rate, Change can sometimes  be hard and scary. You really have no way of knowing how it will all turn out. Oh you might have some idea, but there are no guarantees. If, however something is hurting you, keeping you from moving ahead, that’s usually a pretty clear sign.

I remember talking to a coworker, several years back, about some counseling I’d had.   ‘Well,  no wonder it worked’, she said, ‘it’s  easy when there’s  someone else doing it all for you’. She was referring about the therapist doing it for me. ‘No, I said’, ‘I had to do a lot of soul-searching and really want to change some things.   It wasn’t easy at all’. At this, her attitude shifted. She became was less defensive, more open. ‘You’re right’, she admitted. ‘It is just a lotta work, and I’m not sure I am willing to do it’.

You know, there really are no right or wrongs here. Sometimes just realizing you are involved in something which doesn’t serve you,  can be the first step, or only step which you can make. l Other times  making a change might be  the only way to move ahead.

I think a friend (Genine) said it best. ‘People change when it is too painful to continue doing something the way they have been.  Perhaps the wording here re change might be better put this way:  Positive change , should be considered moving  towards something , rather than leaving something  behind.