‘Yrrow’ is ‘Worry’ backwards

‘Worry’ is a senseless word. It has no redeeming qualities. Someone recently said that ‘Worrying is like praying for things you don’t want’.

I first learned about worry when I was a young girl of about eight, I walked by the bathroom of the small Michingan home I shared  with my family,  where my mother, fully clothed, sat on the side of the bathtub: slouched over, face in her hands, looking down at the floor with a strange expression on her face. ‘Mom’, I asked, ‘what are you doing?’. ‘I’m worrying’, she responded. ‘Oh’, I thought, that’s pretty cool-I think I’ll s†art worrying’. And I’ve been worrying ever since.

At least, I did until recently, when I realized this habit wasn’t serving anyone, especially me. I knew that if I wanted to stop doing this, I would have to find a substitution; One which has worked for me is using affirmations.  Merriam Webster online dictonary defines affirmation as ‘ a positive statement or judgment’.

When I find myself worrying, I then immediately stop and see if there is something I can do at that moment to fix it. If so, the next step is to do whatever I need in order to make that happen. If I can’t however, then I take a deep breath, think of a positive thought or affirmation to replace the worry  with and go for it. I like to have a list of about three or four affirmations on hand so that I can always use the one which seems most beneficial at the time.

One of my favorite affirmations from Gay Hendrick’s book ‘The Big Leap is: Everyday I expand in Abundance, Success and Love, and as I do, I inspire those around me to do the same thing’. Amazing what a difference just shifting my thought train can make! Doing this  raises my mindset, increases my vibration and gets me in a happy productive place.

Now, repeating affirmations to remove worry,  doesn’t always work, however, my experience is that the more often I do it the easier it becomes. Going to a positive affirmation or thought, when I am in a negative mindset, helps me raise my vibration, creativity and gratitude. It is a quick fix for feeling better. I recommend it strongly.

There are many other techniques for lifting oneself out of depression and worry  which are also effective, however for me affirmations are one of the most effective and quickest ways to do this.


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