Raising Your Vibrations

In their  bestselling book, ‘Ask and It Is Given’, by Esther and Jerry Hicks, the authors mention how ones’ thoughts can affect their destiny.  This is one idea I really resonate with. If I remain aware of my feelings, I am more able able to sense when I need to lift my mood.  Whenever I find myself becoming discouraged or depressed, it’s helpful to shift my attention to a mindset, which can elevate my mood as soon as possible.

Some of the things, I use, do this are: music, nature, even a happy memory. In fact, I keep a group of memories, which I call on (whenever I want any time I want to raise my vibrations. One of my favorite memories consists of myself as a 12 year old, being on a Florida beach with my aunt and sister and eating peach ice cream.

Anything that helps  shift your attention and  raise your emotional state to a more positive one will work. It is also important to be gentle with yourself; if you feel really bad, sometimes the only thing you can do is feel less bad. In other words be satisfied with the attainable.  I also find it helpful, to focus on my spirituality, using things such as meditation and, prayer

When I pay attention to my feelings directing my thoughts to things I feel positive about, when necessary, I have a great tool for bringing harmony back into my life.


6 thoughts on “Raising Your Vibrations

  1. Dearest heart, I loved meeting you at the Meetup for Gwilda Wiyaka’s presentation. I was impressed by the awareness and heartfelt engagement of those present. You have a lovely spiritual community.

    If I may, I would like to share some of Gwilda’s teaching from which I have greatly benefited. It is, of course, only an opinion based on personal experience, and offered without agenda.

    Gwilda speaks of the joy/sorrow sine wave (in regards to the Celtic teachings on the “three cauldrons” which Gwilda addresses in Path Home classes). In essence, if we try to freeze ourselves at either end of the spectrum, i.e., only desiring to remain in joy, or only able to remain in sorrow, then we lose mobility and personal power.

    Our design is to experience both within the natural rhythm of life. We have no problem with joy, but we tend to judge against our sorrow. It is the experience of sorrow that “turns the cauldrons”, i.e., enables us to receive more fully the richness that life has to offer. The avoidance of our pain keeps us from understanding ourselves, as the pain can show us where our damage lies. Viewed as an opportunity for healing and growth, it can become part of the foundation for our continued evolution.

    I would offer the experience that, for me, this is truth. In exploring and healing my own pain as it arises, rather than placing it in denial and not allowing it expression, I have gained understanding and compassion for myself and all my relations. This enables me to grow, to stand more naturally in open heart and less in judgment. It helps me to better recognize and trust that we are each in charge of our own process and must walk our own walk according to our contract with Creator (conscious or not).

    It is uncomfortable, difficult, and necessary to acknowledge and heal our pain, fear and projections in order to continue personal growth, thus expanding our ability to ground not only in the heavens and the light, but in the earth and the darkness of the mother’s womb.

    We tend to judge against the dark. It is part of us.

    This is not any easy path. It takes courage and determination to face one’s fears and hidden demons (not that I’m so marvelous and gifted, rather that I am blessed with and strengthened by the love and support of my spiritual family).

    Unless we see and acknowledge the whole of whom we are, we walk with only half of our potential.

    Whether or not we choose to explore our own dark places is entirely up to us. No matter our choice, it is all appropriate and perfect.

    • Hi Cody
      Thanks so much for your words of wisdom. I agree that pain is a necessary part of life, and that difficulties help us grow. I think my point was that there are times when I need to raise my vibrations so that I can cope and think more clearly to hear the next step. I do, however, appreciate the reminder. It really helps.

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