An Inspirational Quote

I read this on Facebook yesterday. Because I was inspired, I posted it.

Here is the Quote:

‘Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy!’ 13 people who read this were inspired or moved enough to either ‘like’ the statement, or make a positive comment about it.  The large response this posting received, is made me think about how difficult and challenging it can be to leave something which in some way inhibits your growth, even though you’re   aware that  it could  be hurting you or holding you back.

For 9 years I remained in a  co dependent relationship, even though I knew it wasn’t me,   because I thought I wouldn’t survive without this person (even though we had broken up 9 times-  which, was probably some kind of clue I chose to ignore.)

Leaving or giving something up for your best and highest good  can sometimes be challenging.  At any rate, Change can sometimes  be hard and scary. You really have no way of knowing how it will all turn out. Oh you might have some idea, but there are no guarantees. If, however something is hurting you, keeping you from moving ahead, that’s usually a pretty clear sign.

I remember talking to a coworker, several years back, about some counseling I’d had.   ‘Well,  no wonder it worked’, she said, ‘it’s  easy when there’s  someone else doing it all for you’. She was referring about the therapist doing it for me. ‘No, I said’, ‘I had to do a lot of soul-searching and really want to change some things.   It wasn’t easy at all’. At this, her attitude shifted. She became was less defensive, more open. ‘You’re right’, she admitted. ‘It is just a lotta work, and I’m not sure I am willing to do it’.

You know, there really are no right or wrongs here. Sometimes just realizing you are involved in something which doesn’t serve you,  can be the first step, or only step which you can make. l Other times  making a change might be  the only way to move ahead.

I think a friend (Genine) said it best. ‘People change when it is too painful to continue doing something the way they have been.  Perhaps the wording here re change might be better put this way:  Positive change , should be considered moving  towards something , rather than leaving something  behind.


Raising Your Vibrations

In their  bestselling book, ‘Ask and It Is Given’, by Esther and Jerry Hicks, the authors mention how ones’ thoughts can affect their destiny.  This is one idea I really resonate with. If I remain aware of my feelings, I am more able able to sense when I need to lift my mood.  Whenever I find myself becoming discouraged or depressed, it’s helpful to shift my attention to a mindset, which can elevate my mood as soon as possible.

Some of the things, I use, do this are: music, nature, even a happy memory. In fact, I keep a group of memories, which I call on (whenever I want any time I want to raise my vibrations. One of my favorite memories consists of myself as a 12 year old, being on a Florida beach with my aunt and sister and eating peach ice cream.

Anything that helps  shift your attention and  raise your emotional state to a more positive one will work. It is also important to be gentle with yourself; if you feel really bad, sometimes the only thing you can do is feel less bad. In other words be satisfied with the attainable.  I also find it helpful, to focus on my spirituality, using things such as meditation and, prayer

When I pay attention to my feelings directing my thoughts to things I feel positive about, when necessary, I have a great tool for bringing harmony back into my life.