Connection should be easier–shouldn’t it?

As I walked home early one evening  last week,  I noticed a tendency I have  to avoid  eye contact with others  .

Seeing the need to investigate this further (in hopes of rectifying  things) I decided to try an experiment. During one of my recent walks,  I  allowed  myself to connect on some level with every person I encountered (be it through a smile, a greeting, or some other form of recognition).  I made a conscious  effort to acknowledge everyone  I met. I opened my heart, allowing it  to connect with theirs. and you know something? The results were miraculous!  I noticed,  almost immediately, that my efforts, were met with an equally positive  response  from every one I met. This interaction melted my heart, and made my spirit soar. ‘Ah’,  I told myself, ‘THIS is what life is all about!’.

Allowing myself to open up to others (without letting  fear  hold me back), is something I  aspire to attain more consistently. I will make an effort  to trust my intuition, go with my feelings, rather than allowing my ego to control so much of my behavior. I will choose heart over head-at least in this case).

I’ll persevere,  doing this.  keep on, keeping on-even when this process seems challenging. You know the saying ‘two steps forward, one step back’.

The I Ching (or Oracle of Change). States that an obstacle lasts only as long as necessary. Change the word ‘Obstacle’, and there is an opportunity for. growth.

I find this to be a great opportunity to replace ego with faith.  Knowing (as I like to say) ‘If I jump, the net will always be there’. I welcome this opportunity to grow. No one ever said change is easy, but it is so worth it.


4 thoughts on “Connection should be easier–shouldn’t it?

  1. I noticed the same thing while walking my dogs. If I have a neutral expression on my face a few people might smile or say hi (I have two really cute small dogs) but if I walk with a smile on my face almost everyone says hi! It’s contagious!

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